Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening – Are your pearly whites starting to look pearly yellow? Thanks to coffee, tea, and red wine, teeth can darken and stain over time. But luckily thanks to the quick, painless whitening options we have here at Dream Smiles Dental, you can get your brighter, whiter smile back in no time!


What is Teeth Whitening

Smile Fearlessly with whitening at Dream Smiles Dental!

Teeth whitening or bleaching in Richmond, TX is quick and comfortable! In less than an hour, you can instantly get a smile that is up to 3 shades whiter!


Dr. Natalie will talk with you and discuss our two whitening options: In-Office Whitening and Take-Home Whitening.


In-Office whitening can instant results and works best for people on the go, and also for those that have deep staining due to smoking and coffee. Both options will give you a reason to smile a little more! We use only the highest quality whitening materials. Both options have virtually no sensitivity and last for 6 months to 1 year.



Get ready to smile brighter and book your appointment today!


Venus Whitening

Here at Dream Smiles Dental, we offer in-office tooth whitening called Venus Whitening, which is an effective way to brighten your smile. Included with your in-office whitening are custom trays, perfectly fit your teeth, that allow you to touch up your whitening throughout the year.


A take-home kit consists of your very own whitening solution with custom trays made just for you. They allow you to get 2 shades brighter in the comfort of your very own home.


Teeth whitening in Richmond, TX has never been easier!


If you are feeling self-conscious about the color of your smile, we can help you with your teeth whitening in Richmond, TX.


Get the glowing white smile you’ve always wanted!


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