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If you are over the age of 18, you probably have a few silver fillings. Over time, silver fillings break, and the remaining tooth can be in need of immediate attention.


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What Are Silver/Mercury Fillings

Mercury or silver fillings were very popular 20-40 years ago and were the strongest material to repair a hole or a cavity in a tooth. They were popular because they were known to last a long time.

Throughout the last 2 decades has revealed that mercury fillings are not ideal. They remain controversial due to the small amount of mercury, which is known to cause cancer in the body.


When these fillings break, often large portions of the tooth can break with it, leading to pain, complications and the need for more extensive dental treatment.



We now have the strong, beautiful and long-lasting materials in dentistry that allow for us to repair teeth without mercury.


Here at Dream Smiles Dental, we offer our patients several options to repair their broken teeth without mercury.

Often the silver filling can be replaced with composite fillings. In certain cases, porcelain inlay, onlays, or crowns are great, natural looking options for repairing broken silver fillings. These restorations can last for several years.


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